Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Off Of Facebook

Too many couples seem to need the excitement of drama and/or the support of others when they’re going through happy times or not so happy times. Other people just need the attention that will come their way when everyone else finds out exciting details of their relationship. When you’re tempted to blab all of the details of your relationship all […]

Questions To Ask Potential Dating Partners

Most people are so excited about meeting someone new for dating and a possible relationship that they forget to ask the important questions that could affect whether or not they’re even compatible or not. This is usually because all they care about is the fact that they now have someone to do things with. They have someone to spend Valentine’s […]

Planning That First Trip Away Together

There comes a time in most relationships where the couple decides to go away together for the first time. This is a very exciting time in the relationship and will need a bit of careful planning in order to make everything perfect on this first outing. There are some things that need to be taken into consideration before making this […]

Live Without Regrets

  Every guy out there has that dream girl that they see around town that they really want to ask out, but they are afraid of being shot down. This is something that guys throughout history have had to deal with at one point or another. Now, there are a lot of people that are going to tell you to […]

Holding Onto A Fantasy

Do you remember back in high school or college when you had this terrific guy that was hot and sexy in every way? He was simply perfect for you, or so you thought, so you were absolutely devastated when he dropped you. Nearly everyone has someone like this in their past. That’s not the part that can continue to be […]

Getting Your Boyfriend Back

Most breakups are terribly painful, particularly for the partner that didn’t want the breakup. Something that the partners left behind should remember is that not all breakups are permanent. Sometimes all it takes is a little effort and work to get your boyfriend to return to you. Actually, the renewed relationship can be even better than the original one. Start […]

Fighting After The Wedding Letdown

Couples invest so much time in putting their wedding together that it literally consumes their lives from the time the date is set until the pronouncement that they are husband and wife. Then there’s the reception and the opening of gifts. It’s just one thing after another until the last guest has departed and the last of the rose petals […]

Dont Depend On Someone Else To Make You Happy

Too many people these days depend on whether or not they’re in a relationship to decide if they’re happy or not. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make for both yourself and the future of your relationship. You’ll find out rather quickly that if you rely on the actions of your partner to “make” you happy […]

Distinguishing Toads From Frogs In Internet Dating

Once you find the right frog to kiss, he just might turn into the handsome prince that the fairytale talks about. On the other hand, a toad is always a toad and they carry many warts around with them. Thousands of people join dating sites daily and at least half of them are new toads. That’s why the trick is […]

Dating Advice For Singles

For those people that are unattached and trying to get in the middle of the dating scene, there are some pointers that you may be able to use in trying to land a great dating partner. Most dating advice you’ll find is meant to help you become a part of a couple and no longer single. In addition, it’s mostly […]