Why Follow Up is Important to Your Business

If you own a business you want it to succeed, right? Well, of course you do! The ques;on is are you doing the right things to insure that your business will succeed? The answer to this ques;on depends en;rely on what business prac;ces you have in place and what your business happens to be. Now there is a boatload of […]

What the Heck is Follow Up?

What’s the most important part of your business? Is it reputa5on? Well, the reputa5on your business has on the street, among prior customers and your compe5tors has great effect on your future business prospects. How people think and talk about you and your business can have a great effect on a future decision to purchase your products or services. So […]

The Importance of Business Follow-­‐Up

There are so many factors that make up a successful business. Integrity, reliability, consistency, honesty…these are just a few of the traits that successful business owners must present on a daily basis. So how does your client or customer follow up factor in to these individually, and as a whole? The importance of follow up in your business can’t be […]

The Sales Lead Follow Up

In every business, sales are important. This goes without saying. These sales depend on customers and in order to have customers you’ve got to have leads. A lead is nothing more than a customer who hasn’t purchased from you yet. So, the key then becomes how do you transform your sales leads into paying customers and reap the benefit? Well, […]

The Importance of Customer Follow Up

A lot of ‘mes in business too much focus is put on sales leads and not enough focus is put on the exis’ng customer base. This mistake happens mainly because of shortsightedness. There is always pressure to generate revenue through sales. O>en, the sales lead is seen as the only way to generate the needed revenue. Once the lead is […]

Methods of Follow-­‐Up

There are as many ways to follow up as there are business models, and in this ar6cle, we’ll discuss the most popular and most effec6ve of these. Phone Call A simple phone call is probably the easiest and most common way to follow up with poten6al customers, clients or business associates. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone and carries it […]

Making Follow Up a Habit

There’s a certain rhythm that comes with ge2ng a job done right. When you’re working efficiently there’s a certain feeling to your movements. Everything feels ?ght and right. It’s almost as if you’re in a groove and when you realize that you are all you can do is stop and smile. It’s a great feeling. You see there’s a difference […]

Learning Follow Up Skills

It would seem that business follow up is a no-­‐brainer, and that anyone is capable of handling it properly. Well, it is certainly true that anyone can do it, but for some, it’s a skill that has to be learned. Much of the skill of effec?ve follow up has to do with organiza?on. Unorganized business owners tend to be sloppy […]

Following Up With an Angry Client or Customer

“The customer is always right.” How does that statement make you feel? Do you believe it to be true for your business? What if that customer is bera?ng you or your staff unnecessarily? There is a fine line, and if the customer chooses to cross that line, it may be a customer you could do beCer without. Alterna?vely, some?mes a […]

Communicate to Win

Out of all the skillsets that are necessary to be a success, communica5on may be the most important. Think about it. Communica5on is the only way for us to share concepts, ideas, feelings or plans. It’s the only way we can tell others about ourselves. If you own a business, it’s the only way to a@ract the a@en5on of new […]